Frequently Asked Questions - ExcelaPureâ„¢ 96-well UF PCR Purification Kit

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Plate length: 27.8 mm
Plate width: 85.5 mm
Plate depth: 19.7 mm
Well Depth: 18.3 mm

No, it is not recommended. The purified PCR product should be resuspended and transferred to a suitable plate for storage.

The ExcelaPure 96-Well UF Plate should be stored at room temperature.

PCR products can be resuspended either by manually pipetting up and down 20 times, use of a plate shaker or liquid handling instrument.

For PCR products > 300 base pairs, we recommend 20 in Hg. For PCR products 100 – 300 base pairs, we recommend 10 in Hg. To convert to other units, please use our Pressure Conversions Chart.

To convert from Inches
of Mercury (in Hg)
Multiply by 
Millimeters of Mercury (mm Hg) 25.4
Atmospheres (atm) 0.033421
Torrs (Torr) 25.4
Millibars (mbars) 33.86
Pounds per square inch (psi) 0.491153
Kilopascals (kPa) 3.386380


Either deionized water of 1X TE may be used with the ExcelaPure 96-Well UF Plate.

Yes. We have tested the plate using the Beckman BioMek FX and NextGen's Expression Factory automated platforms.

We recommend vacuuming the plate for 5 – 10 minutes, or until the wells are empty. The wells of the plate appear shiny when dry. Alternatively, use a pipette to verify if there is any remaining liquid in the wells. Do not over dry the plate. Vacuum times increase when processing > 100 µl volumes.

The wash step is optional. PCR products are suitable for DNA sequencing and microarray spotting after the initial vacuum step. Some sensitive downstream applications may need higher purity DNA and require the optional wash step.

Yes, you can centrifuge the ExcelaPure 96-Well UF Plate. For further details please contact Edge Biosystems' Technical Service at 1 (800) 326-2685.

Yes, you may partially use the ExcelaPure 96-Well UF Plate. The unused wells of the plate do not need to be taped when applying vacuum.

The ExcelaPure 96-Well UF Plate has a standard SBS footprint that is compatible with most vacuum manifolds. We evaluated the following vacuum manifolds during product development:

List of Validated Vacuum Manifolds

Manufacturer Vacuum Manifold Manufacturer Catalog Number
Millipore MultiScreen Vacuum Manifold MAVM 096 OR
QIAvac Multiwell Unit 9014597
Whatman UniVac 3 Vacuum Manifold 7705-0102


Yes. This product will efficiently remove primer-dimers from your PCR products. We have tested the removal of a 50 base pair fragment.

We have calculated the recoveries of various size PCR products:

dsDNA (bp) Recovery (%)
100 74
200 86
300 76
500 91
1000 94
1200 89
48500 73


When resuspending your purified PCR product manually, ensure that the product is adequately mixed by vigorously pipetting up and down 20 times. When using a plate shaker, optimize shaker speed and time to ensure sufficient agitation. For liquid handling instruments, optimize aspiration/dispensing of your purified PCR product. Also, check the vacuum setting, we recommend 20 in Hg for PCR products > 300 base pairs. For PCR products 100 – 300 base pairs, we recommend 10 in Hg.

We have purified PCR products as small as 100 base pairs and up to 48.5-kilo bases.

The minimum volume of PCR product that may be purified on these plates is 50 µl. Samples must be brought up to ≥ 100 µl using deionized water.