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What Clients are Saying:

Issues and services are taken very seriously with Edge.

About EdgeBio


Sanger sequencing simplified

EdgeBio develops and markets reagents for DNA sequencing clean-up and nucleic acid purification. Our products employ rapid and simple protocols, minimizing hands-on time while providing high-quality results with high reproducibility.

Reliability and Experience

At EdgeBio, our people, processes and products reflect our dedication to reliability and quality. Founded in 1990, we built a solid reputation as the "sequencing purification supplier of choice" for many leading academic and government institutions, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and research institutions worldwide. 

Customer Focus

What sets EdgeBio apart is our depth of customer knowledge, personalized attention, and commitment to satisfaction - backed by our written guarantees. We're known for doing what we say we'll do. That means we respond quickly to your inquiries and technical problems. If you contact us, you'll speak with a person, not an automated system. We call this the Edge experience. We think you'll find it refreshing.

Proven Products

A pioneer in DNA sequencing reaction cleanup systems, Edge continues to expand its portfolio with innovative products. We offer:

  • Dye Terminator Removal products, including our original Performa® DTR products, and our new Optima DTR™ product line, the gold standards in gel filtration-based DTR
  • High-throughput PCR Purification products, including the QuickStep2™ and ExcelaPure plates
  • Sample Preparation products, including PurElute™ Bacterial Genomic DNA kit and Quick-Precip™ reagents
  • Bacterial Competent Cells for DNA Cloning and Recombinant Protein Expression
  • PCR Purification and Sample Preparation Accessories, including our popular 96-well adhesive plate sealers