Are you insured?

One of the most thought-provoking talks given at the Personal Genomes meeting this weekend was given by Hank Greely of Stanford University. It was a talk that focused on what to do with the onslaught of information that is coming as whole genome sequencing becomes more affordable. I will not go into detail on his talk (I am sure the talk was “tweeted” in real-time), rather, I’d like to focus on one part of the talk and that relates to “who will pay for all of this sequencing?”

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Big Questions for Big Data in Genomics

I was recently interviewed by Scientific Computing World magazine regarding informatics in the rapidly developing field of Genomics  and Next Generation Sequencing (read full article here on pages 12-14). The article very clearly illustrates  some of the challenges in this field  and offers insight as to how people are attempting to address these challenges with software, IT infrastructure, and community education.  I would like to use the article to facilitate a discussion around a few key questions.