The Growth of DNA Sequencing

I recently attended the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting in Washington, DC and I was struck by how it seemed that every session included a discussion of data generated by DNA sequencing. Just three years ago at this meeting there was exactly one session on DNA sequencing (confirmed in a discussion with Dr. Elaine Mardis as she was the co-chair of the session). How did we come so far so fast?

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ASHG Summary Through Twitter

At ASHG this year there was a definitive slant toward genomics and the role it will play in personalized medicine. To get a brief overview of ASHG and some thoughts on where we are heading in genomics, check out Dean's post The Growth of DNA Sequencing. Below, we put together a comprehensive search of the ASHG2010 tweets, so sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy reading tweets and following links to some of the most interesting science I have seen in a while.

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