Resequencing J. Craig Venter w/ SOLiD4 - Part 1

As a follow on to the release of our E. coli Ion Torrent data, over the coming weeks, we will be releasing both Whole Genome and Exome data of J. Craig Venter generated on the SOLiD4 platform.  We use this sample internally for platform and analysis validation/regression testing since it is so well characterized and validated.  The first data set to be released is the 50Mb Exome data using the Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System.  Running a quarter slide produced 12 billion bases of paired end data.

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First Look Analysis of Deadly E. Coli in Germany

Here is our initial look at the E. coli sequencing data produced on the Ion Torrent from BGI. With a short sequencing time, 2-3 hours, this is a compelling platform to quickly sequence and analyze outbreaks such as the one current happening in the EU.

Data was accessed via FTP and 5 fastq files were obtained with the following data:

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Digging Deeper on TY2482 and Intro of Second Sequenced Bug German E. coli Outbreak Strains

Recently Life Technologies and the German National Consulting Laboratory for Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) at the Institute of Hygiene, University Hospital Muenster deposited a genome assembly of Escherichia coli LB226692 into Genbank. The WGS project and sequences can be found here.

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Ion v. MiSeq - Is There a Competition, And If So, Why?

Ion v. MiSeq - Is there a competition, and if so, why?

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