Miseq vs. Ion Torrent - Round Two.

We have another round of application notes that have been released by both Ion Torrent and Illumina.  This has all the making of a late round heavy weight fight.  First came Illumina with the initial blow (a.k.a application note), comparing the MiSeq E. coli MG1665 data to some of Edge's 314 chips of E. coli DH10B and BGI's 314 chips of the EHEC outbreak strain. I reviewed this application note in the latter part of our previous blog post Ion v. MiSeq – Is There a Competition, And If So, Why? The beginning spent time reviewing the new 316 chip data set released via the Ion Community website.  I focused on drawing comparison between platforms using our own in house analysis of the 316 data set because I thought it drew a more realistic comparison to the platforms.