Predicted vs. Empirical Quality Scores in Ion Torrent and MiSeq Data

A recent blogpost at BioLektures explains why it isn’t really fair to compare MiSeq and Ion Torrent data based on their predicted quality scores, as Ion Torrent tends to undercall quality across their reads.  Illumina’s predicted quality score algorithm, however, is more accurate in predicting the actual quality score.  In a recent application note Illumina compares predicted quality scores between their MiSe

Ion Torrent Releases New 664.13 MB Run

Every three months, Ion Torrent releases new data to set a new benchmark for their Grand Challenges and today's release is of a monster run from a 316 chip sequencing of DH10B.  At first glance it appears the major improvement is in throughput.  Here is a quick analysis of the new dataset.

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