AmpliSeq Cancer Panel for Detection of Somatic Mutations

Contributed by Dr. Samuel Levy : Director of Genomic Sciences - Scripps Translational Science Institute and Scripps Genomic Medicine, Professor of Molecular and Experimental Medicine - The Scripps Research Institute

AmpliSeq Cancer Panel applied to a tumor and blood sample pair for the detection of common somatic mutations


WScrippse have a clinical research protocol that aims to provide tumor mutation data to oncologists as part of a patient’s cancer care within the Scripps network and we were trying to figure out ways of providing these data in a time sensitive manner to patients and their physicians.  Whilst both exome and whole genome sequencing are good options, we wanted to maximize the use of any large amount of data we generate in an oncologist’s care approach. Consequently we decided that these options were data overkill for what a treating oncologist typically employs.

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Recap of AACR

It was quite an adventure for my first Trade Show. I got to see the massive amount of people that swarm to AACR to introduce, discuss, and develop new breakthroughs in cancer research! The information was overwhelming! However, from standing in the booth all day, I got to see what it takes to get people interested in doing some Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). Sequencing has long been an important tool in the investigation of cancer causation, but NGS technologies have enable its use as a tool for diagnosis and treatment. NGS has been on the brink of expanding to the clinic for several years now. At this conference, the consensus seemed to be that we are very, very close to adopting NGS for routine use in cancer treatment. A prerequisite for the use of NGS in the clinic is CLIA certification, which we here at Edge are in the process of obtaining. Sequencing data will help in diagnosing the right treatment for mutations. Here at Edge, we strive towards being one of the top service providers for Next-Gen Sequencing.

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The Path Toward a Medical Grade Genome - Bio IT

Bio IT is around the corner and we will be present. Our Director of Bioinformatics, Justin H. Johnson, will be the Chairperson and a speaker for Thursday, April 26 Track 4 talk/sessions on Bioinformatics & The Cloud. The session is set to begin at 8:40am and Justin will be giving the opening remarks and introducing  these speakers: Ray Fyhr, Project Lead, MRL-IT, Merck and Chuanbin Du, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics, University North Carolina at Charlotte. Our talk begins at 9:45am and Justin will be speaking about The Path Toward a Medical Grade Genome. Please join Justin H. Johnson, Director of Bioinformatics, EdgeBio - Project Lead of Validation Protocol, Archon Genomics X Prize Presented by Express Scripts during this time for some insight on the Archon Genomics X Prize.

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The EdgeBio App

Edge App We are excited to introduce the EdgeBio iPad/iPhone app. Stay on top of the latest biotech genomics news/blogs/data.


The EdgeBio app unifies all digital resources of EdgeBio to deliver a truly enhanced, interactive experience. We bring together all content from the EdgeBio blog (Views from the Edge), our website and online communities in one integrated, easy-to-navigate app. The app is free to download.

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Sequence Project Study Design and Price Calculator

Sequencing Project DesignOne of several areas in which we hope we stand out here at EdgeBio is in our up front project design.  There are many people, from our project managers, to lab personnel and management, to our informatics group and even our SAB (See a presentation on Genomic Study Design from Dr. Michael Zody at the Broad) that all play an active role in helping our clients design their genomic projects.  We try to take in to account several global considerations (timelines, technologies, quality, etc) for tailoring each project to the researcher and their goals.  More often than not though, it comes down to cost.  While cheaper is usually not better, it sure is attractive.