Ion Decision Tree & Price Calculator Project Design

One of the most important factors in determining the ultimate success of a next generation sequencing project is the initial project design.  There are many things to consider when designing a project based on project goals, sample type, budget, timeframe etc.  At EdgeBio we spend a great deal of time up front with our clients discussing and planning the best approach to meet their specific needs.  For many clients this will be their first foray into the world of next generation sequencing and as the range of options continues to expand at a rapid pace it can be a daunting task in figuring

A LIMS Case Study with EdgeBio and Genologics

Recently, we participated in a case study with Genologics.  The focus was on us, EdgeBio, a growing sequencing and bioinformatics services business. Given we work in an expanding lab environment that includes three different sequencing platforms and associated, highly configurable workflows - we needed something to solidify project management and organize sample data and metadata.


Clinical Exome Sequencing Services for Labs and Hospitals for in-House Interpretation

We would like to thank Genomeweb for their recent articles regarding the announcement of our CLIA status. If you missed the articles from Genomeweb you can view them here:  Clinical Exome Sequencing and EdgeBio Recieves CLIA Certification

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A few weeks ago we received our CLIA certification for next generation sequencing and will offer clinical exome sequencing for large labs and hospitals that can do their own in-house analysis. We will supply aligned sequencing data and leave the interpretation to the customers themselves.

Sequence Project Study Design and Price Calculator

Sequencing Project DesignOne of several areas in which we hope we stand out here at EdgeBio is in our up front project design.  There are many people, from our project managers, to lab personnel and management, to our informatics group and even our SAB (See a presentation on Genomic Study Design from Dr. Michael Zody at the Broad) that all play an active role in helping our clients design their genomic projects.  We try to take in to account several global considerations (timelines, technologies, quality, etc) for tailoring each project to the researcher and their goals.  More often than not though, it comes down to cost.  While cheaper is usually not better, it sure is attractive. 

EdgeBio Deploys the GenoLogics LIMS for Next-Generation Sequencing

GenoLogics today announced that EdgeBio, a leading sequencing services provider, has deployed the GenoLogics Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), bringing an unprecedented level of flexibility and adaptability to its next-generation sequencing (NGS) core laboratory. The GenoLogics LIMS replaces EdgeBio’s existing commercial LIMS software.