Performa DTR V3 96-Well Plate

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What Clients are Saying:

Exceptional service and the data we received was high quality.

Does the gel matrix contain preservatives?

No, the gel matrix is dispensed in deionized water.

Can I store cartridges at room temperature for short periods of time?

Yes. A few hours on the bench or overnight storage will not damage performance or reduce shelf life as long as the plates are stored in their original packaging. We do not recommend long-term storage at room temperature.

I realized the plates are frozen. Will that be a problem?

Frozen plates cannot be used. The matrix ruptures and seals the base of the unit resulting in total sample loss.

How do I measure the radius?

The radius is equal to the distance in millimeters between the axis of rotation and the bottom of the gel bed when the plate and the receiver are placed in the plate carrier in the centrifuge bucket.

To achieve RCF = 850 x g: rpm = 27,549/√r

Why does the chromatogram show dye blobs?

Unincorporated dye terminators co-migrate with sequencing products during electrophoresis. The most common peaks occur roughly 70 bases into the sequencing run, and in cases of severe contamination additional peaks may appear in the vicinity of base 120, 220, or higher. Unincorporated dye terminators can appear in purified products for a variety of reasons.