Frequently Asked Questions - Performa DTR 384-Well Plate

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Yes. For best results use no more than 0.5X BigDye Terminator v3.1 concentrations, e.g. 2μL of BigDye Terminator v3.1 per 10μL reaction.

(a) Your plate may have been frozen. Freezing and thawing usually results in higher than normal recovery volumes. Freezing will also negatively affect the performance of this product.

(b) Centrifugation conditions are essential to the optimum performance of this product. If the centrifuge is new or different, or you are a first-time user of the product, be aware that not all centrifuges behave the same to any given set of instructions. Acceleration and deceleration rates are often different and this may affect your results. First, check the spin conditions and make sure that the rpm has been calculated correctly and the spin times are correct. If the calculations are correct, then consider that centrifuges with slow acceleration rates are particularly susceptible to this type of problem. Try extending the length of the initial and final spin by 30 seconds minute.