Frequently Asked Questions - ExcelaPure 96-well UF PCR Purification Kit

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The ExcelaPure™ 96-Well UF Plate has a standard SBS footprint that is compatible with most vacuum manifolds. We evaluated the following vacuum manifolds during product development:

List of Validated Vacuum Manifolds

Manufacturer Vacuum Manifold Manufacturer Catalog Number
Millipore MultiScreen Vacuum Manifold MAVM 096 OR
QIAvac Multiwell Unit 9014597
Whatman UniVac 3 Vacuum Manifold 7705-0102


Yes. This product will efficiently remove primer-dimers from your PCR products. We have tested the removal of a 50 base pair fragment.

Yes. Use deionized water to bring all sample volumes ≤50µl up to 100µl.

The minimum volume of PCR product that may be purified on these plates is 50 µl. Samples must be brought up to ≥ 100 µl using deionized water.