Frequently Asked Questions - Performa Spin Columns

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Make sure that you are using the right spinning conditions. Low mass of DNA loaded will result in higher percentage losses of the DNA. Increase the total amount of DNA loaded to higher than 50 ng

No. Doing so will contaminate the sample with salt and other small molecules. We recommend 50µl to achieve best results. However, 100µl load will result in small contaminations (for example, salt removal of 5M NaCl will be of 95%) that will not affect most downstream applications. To achieve better purification at 100µl volume loaded, we recommend to prespin 3 minutes at 750 x g, transfer the cartridge to a clean tube, load the sample, and then spin 2 minutes at 750 x g. If volumes are larger than 100µl, we recommend splitting the sample and use two different DNA clean up cartridges.

Check the spinning conditions and make sure that the rpm has been properly calculated. Check storage conditions and make sure that the cartridges and bag were properly closed if stored at room temperature for a short time. Cartridges should be at 4°C for long-term storage.