Ion Torrent PGM Sequencing

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Ion Torrent PGM Sequencing

The Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine is geared towards high quality, long reads, and fast turn-around time. The PGM uses semiconductor technology and real time measurement of hydrogen ions to translate chemical information directly into digital form. This instrument provides flexible sequencing options for generating 10Mb-1Gb of data per run with either 100bp or 200bp read length protocols and sample multiplexing. The PGM is ideal for amplicon re-sequencing, targeted capture re-sequencing, microbial and viral sequencing.  Learn more about Ion Torrent sequencing data and analysis at the EdgeBio Blog.


  • Greater than 1 million reads with the 316 chip, 2.5 million reads with the 318 chip.
  • Check out our EXAMPLE Data Set (E. coli DH10B) - exactly how it will be delivered to you (username is edgecommunity, password is left blank)

Qualityion machine

  • Average of 120 or 210 bp read length on majority of reads
  • Average Q20 or greater quality score across the read


To estimate the cost of a project and the resulting coverage of your sample, use the EdgeBio Ion Torrent Project Calculator:

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