Ion Torrent Updates

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What Clients are Saying:

Exceptional service and the data we received was high quality.

Ion Torrent Updates

Life Technologies and Ion Torrent just rolled out some new products revolving around both Ion Ampliseq and Ion RNA-seq. All these new products are designed to advance simplicity, scalabilty, and speed. For more information on all that was launched see the Update flyer.

The updates include:

  • Ion Ampliseq Inherited Disease Panel - >10k amplicons targeting 328 genes in over 700 disease states for inherited disorders. See the Gene List

  • Ion Ampliseq Library Kit 2.0 - Unmatched coverage uniformity, new simpler, automation friendly 96-well plate based workflow giving much improved sequencing performance for all Ampliseq panels and allowing for up to ~3000-plex amplicon pools.

  • Ion AmpliSeq Designer v1.2 - New revised designer that delivers nearly all custom designs with 2 pools for up to 1Mb of genomic sequence at 3000 plex per primer pool. Added usability tools including direct visualization of designs within UCSC genome browser delivering a much improved offering from the already easy-to-use Designer.