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Troubleshooting Guides

Dye Terminator Removal
Performa® DTR 384-Well Plate
Performa® DTR Cartridges
Performa® DTR Ultra 96-Well Plate
Performa® DTR V3 96-Well Plate

PCR Purification
ExcelaPure™ 96-well UF PCR Purification Kit
QuickStep™2 Cartridges
QuickStep™2 96-Well Plate
QuickStep™2 384-Well Plate

DNA Sample Preparation
Performa® Spin Columns 
PurElute™ Bacterial Genomic Kit

Bacterial Competent Cells
Acella™ & Acella™ pLysS Chemically Competent Cells 
Acella™ Electrocompetent Cells 
EB5Alpha Chemically Competent Cells
ElectroEB10B Chemically Competent Cells
Ultra BL21 & Ultra BL21 pLysS Competent Cells

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