ElectroEB10B Competent Cells, Tubes

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For your more demanding cloning needs, we offer the EB10B Electrocompetent cells, which are a derivative of the DH10B strain.  EB10B cells boast very high transformation efficiencies that result in a higher number and greater representation of clones making EB10B cells ideal for library construction.  Their high efficiency and affordability make them the cells of choice for limiting amounts of DNA.

  • Guaranteed Transformation Efficiencies - > 1010 cfu/µg pUC19
  • High Quality Plasmid DNA - Mutations in the endA and recA genes increase insert stability and improve the quality of plasmid DNA
  • Supports Blue/White Screening - Through ß-galactosidase complementation
  • T1 and T5 bacteriophage resistant - Contains the tonA gene
  • Wide range of applications - cDNA, BAC, cosmid, and shotgun libraries. Large plasmids, mutagenesis, routine subcloning, ligated genomic DNA, and methlyated cDNA.
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6x100 µL