ExcelaPure™ 96-Well UF PCR Purification Kit
ExcelaPure™ 96-Well UF PCR Purification Kit [ExcelaPure™ 96-Well UF PCR Purification Kit [39614]] Contact us to order
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ExcelaPure™ 96-Well ultrafiltration-based purification kits provide optimal recovery of PCR products while efficiently removing excess primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs and salts that may interfere with your downstream applications.  Your contaminants are filtered to waste under vacuum pressure or centrifugation and your purified PCR products are retained on the membrane.  Purified products are recovered after a quick elution and ready for immediate use.  See What's Happening in the Well?


  • Excellent, reproducible recoveries:  74-95% recovery, depending on fragment size 
  • High purity DNA:  Eliminates primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs, salts and DNA labels
  • Optimized for varying sample volumes:  50 - 300µl. 
  • Purifies almost any fragment size:  100bp - 48.5 kb
  • Automatable:  The plate fits onto any standard vacuum manifold and liquid handling instrument

Downstream Applications

Product Summary Sheet (PDF)
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