Performa® Spin Columns

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Performa® Spin Columns [Performa® Spin Columns [73328]] $95.00

Performa® Spin Columns feature a fully hydrated gel matrix that provides for a convenient and simple method to purify your DNA/RNA samples.They effectively remove salts, amino acids, nucleotides, traces of solvents and other low molecular weight materials from nucleic acid fragments greater than 20 bases.



  • Broad fragment size:Cleanup DNA fragments as large as 50kb
  • Excellent reproducible recovery:Up to 95% recovery depending on fragment size
  • Quick 2-spin protocol:Start to finish in only 5 minutes
  • Ready for immediate use:Sample is eluted and ready for downstream applications


  • Purification of labeled DNA:Eliminate unincorporated labeled nucleotides and probes
  • Desalting:Removes up to 99.99% of salts and other small molecules
  • Alternative method to alcohol precipitation:99% removal of trace chloroform and phenol, as well as DMSO
  • RNA PAGE purification:Recover 80-90% of small RNAs from denaturing PAGE gels
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